Clarion Call is an American business dedicated to nothing more than making money. Through marvelous use of technology, mass communication and an interconnected society , “CC”, as it became known, unwittingly stepped up to podium when the government of the United States totally collapsed, all under its own bureaucratic weight.

Solidly set and running smoothly with an economic and intellectual infrastructure that included millions of American citizens, talents ready, workers inside of the government institutions, an ant hill existed below the fruited plains that arose to save the most powerful country in the world.

All this without a single bureaucrat lifting a finger, without a solitary politician casting a vote.

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Other Books:

Attention, Please

Okay, the public forgave Bill Clinton and his oval office meetings with a notorious intern. It was “private”, “consenting Adult” behavior. But how about a presidential contender who is a child molester? Surely the public wouldn’t tolerate such a thing, yes?

Only the public does tolerate such behavior in the presidential candidates especially when powerful parties use all their resources to cover up the truth, branding the accuser as the perpetrator.

Georgette Robinson is a middle-aged woman in the grips of an unthinkable dilemma. She has witnessed a candidate for the highest office in the land in the act of molesting a child. A candidate for whom she herself was his personal publicist. If anyone should have believed in her candidate, it is Georgette Robinson. Of course the candidate had to be, first and foremost, removed from running for office. Or so Georgette Robinson thought. No one would believe her.

Or if they believed her, they didn’t care. It was too close to the election to find and train another viable candidate. Though Georgette had tangible proof that the Republican party’s candidate was a child molester, too many important folks had their hopes and money riding on the candidate. It would not do to remove the candidate so close to the election.
Better to demonize the accuser.

In her desperation to be believed, Georgette ascertains that the only way she could break the barrier of Manny Roberts’ personal protectors was to find a way, any way no matter how outrageous, to get the country’s attention so she could make her claim. Throughout the book, Georgette demonstrates how she came to her decision to hijack a small but very important airplane: through studied observation of the wildlife in her very own garden!
It’s funny, kind of sad, wild, outrageous and most important, it really CAN happen.

Who’s to say Georgette Robinson wouldn’t make a great President her own self?

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Everything You Need to Know About Being a Woman Can Be Learned in the Garden

Truly in this book, everything one needs to know about being a woman CAN be learned in the garden.

They meet as a team and tell their funny, but very enlightening stories.

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Memoirs of Josephine Fish

Josephine Fish is a pensive, intelligent calico and the unlikely heroine of the book that bears her name. When we first meet Josephine we realize she’s no ordinary housecat: She alone in the animal kingdom, or those outside of the human race, is able to communicate through the written word, and Miss Josephine has worked diligently to perfect her skills on her “female human’s” computer. When the local wildlife discover Josephine’s unusual talent, she’s ensnared into the nitty-gritty of political activism. Crafty use of the ancient art of blackmail catches the political world unaware when Josephine votes her conscience and follows the commands of the brusque but efficient Mr. Blue Jay. Soon, politicians across America begin to buckle under the pressure, brought by the mysterious E-mails pouring out of the Fish’s peaceful, suburban household, to do right by the animal world – or else.

The author of this well-paced mystery has found the perfect blend of suspense and humor that force us book-lovers to miss our beauty sleep to find out whodunit. Thank you to Patricia Fish for sharing Josephine with the rest of us.

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Mystery and Mirth

It’s a difficult task, writing mysteries with humor; they are, after all, two mediums not normally combined. I’d argue that the combination is an intriguing one, a combination that would appeal most to female readers of cozy mysteries. The target market would likely be females from young adult to seniors, a large audience, I submit. Most, but not all, of the protagonists in the stories are female. The mystery within each story draws the reader in with a bang of an opening “pull” to a surprise ending so many cozy mystery readers adore. The humor is spattered throughout the stories, keeping the reader chugging along to the surprise endings with a smile.

This is the kind of book a reader would take to the beach. It’s an entertaining book; there are no grand morals or substantive drama. There is no gratuitous violence or sex.

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